Our Services


Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions simplify the talent acquisition process, while simultaneously lowering costs, reducing fill time and decreasing workload

Talent Sourcing

Our process is tight and extensive which allows us to find and provide better quality candidates in less time through proactive sourcing while driving bottom-line results for your business.

Remote Assistance

Our primary focus is to help businesses successfully increase their margins and grow sustainably with the help of remote staff that also delivers first class administrative support.

Talent Mapping

Our talent mapping service is a custom-made recruitment solution for businesses who want to gather information or manage their risk for critical positions in a particular company.

Data Entry

Team Vilan provide a wide range of data entry services, from basic data input to content writing and editing, helping cut costs and leaves more room to focus on your core business.

Talent VA

Talent VA is our new recruitment outsourcing service catering to SMEs. It is a professional matchmaking service, providing remote staff to team up with modern-day entrepreneurs.