Talent Sourcing

Completely tailored to each of our client’s needs, we source active and passive candidates who meet specific criteria which includes skill-set, tenure, and location for either a job order or a specific pipelining.

We use social media (professional networking sites, forums, groups and other sources) to source for candidates with matching profiles of your job opportunities. We may also find CVs that are not posted on job boards through passive searching. Team Vilan also stays in constant contact with our existing candidate pipeline through outreach tools into our system. Leveraging email and messaging templates, we can easily reach out to candidates to generate interests and provide a link to an online application or contact number.

Working with various clients worldwide, we have established some stats for you to consider:

• It takes an average of 100+ candidate lists to produce one qualified submission, if sourced via LinkedIn or other relevant sites.
• The cost of a package of 150 LinkedIn InMails could cost in excess of $800. This just means that a single qualified passively-sourced candidate would cost around $400 just in subscription fees.
• It takes an average of two hours to source and connect 100+ highly targeted candidates through to LinkedIn.
• Team Vilan is happy to provide our clients a 1:2 ratio that it can deliver qualified candidates for the amount for the majority of skill-sets needed.
• Recruiters who use offshore talent sourcing service averaged 50% more placements per month.

We employ a variety of sourcing and research tools to identify and nurture the best talent for hard-to-fill roles

Team Vilan excels in talent sourcing and we help proactively identify and engage with talent, not only to fill current vacancies but also to build talent pipelines for future positions and strategic hiring projects.

Contact us to further discuss your specific requirements. We are happy to work on your talent acquisition needs!