Talent VA

Talent VA is our latest addition to our recruitment process outsourcing service. The essence of Talent VA is about matchmaking, providing clients with trustworthy remote staff based on their specific needs. We eliminate the recruitment hassle by streamlining the recruiting process from assessment to hire.

Our selection process:


Getting all necessary information through a carefully crafted consultation process


We source and then select candidates based on your preferences and


After sifting through the sourcing process we will then shortlist best suited candidates


We will organize and
endorse candidates that will be happy to work on
your project


Once you have decided to make a hire, then they are ready to be your dedicated contractor

Benefits when partnering with us!

Working with a well-versed outsourcing firm is a great way to cut down repetitive and time consuming tasks. Having the right contractor that can help you maximize time and productivity is essential in helping you focus more on your business.

• Cut costs – hiring a remote contractor will help you cut overhead costs including office space and equipment.
• Workload management – hiring a remote contractor to assist with your checklist will greatly reduce your workload.
• Maximize productivity – maximize the overall productivity of your business by outsourcing to a remote contractor.
• Save time – time is essential, so is your business. Get your time back and organize your business better.
• Business focus – hiring a remote contractor will help you focus on the more important areas of your business.
• Peace of time – with a remote contractor at hand, you are confident that your business is in safe hands.

Client Details

We get to know you better and understand your business better. We want you to have a business partner - not just a price quote.

Business Support

Our matchmaking service is not just your typical virtual support. We live by our values and take it as a work of art.

Nurture Relationships

We take care of your business just like ours. We strive to establish long mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, guaranteed!

Team Vilan is your virtual business partner. We consider your business as our own. We also believe in building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships while providing the best outsourcing services… The Team Vilan Way!