Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is the process of collecting market information by confidentially assessing prospective candidates from a distance without interviewing them or conducting a full search. It saves time and provides valuable information into the market that can aid in decision making in the case of future hires.

Ensuring that you have the right talent supporting your recruitment firm is one of the many ways you can leverage efficiencies in your business. Talent mapping work enables organizations to get a better understanding of the current landscape. This is fairly essential for those faced with identifying and recruiting candidates for scant, niche and senior positions. The goal is to identify high-potential employees whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities.

At Team Vilan, we provide high quality, cost-effective talent mapping service to partner with your existing internal talent acquisition team.

Here’s our process methodology:

1. Assessment

Discussion of roles to be mapped. Define ideal candidates and agree on direct and indirect competitors.

3. Talent Mapping

Gather information based on the agreed format such as skills needed, experience, tenure, and education.

2. Data Collection

Sourcing relevant information. Headhunting through LinkedIn, social media platforms, and internal database.

4. Reporting

Contextualize and verify report findings to clients. This is to give better leverage in terms of the talent provided.

Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to fulfill your talent acquisition needs. Contact us today to discuss more!