Get Your Reception and Waiting Areas to Sell

We all know that “First Impression Lasts”. This saying applies to all, especially when talking about business. In every business, it is imperative to impress your customers. From the moment they enter the premises, the first thing that they will notice is how good the overall design is. You must learn to convey the right brand and message to your customers to give them that special “Wow” factor.

So, how would your clients rate your reception and waiting room culture? Consider these elements to improve their analysis:

Give Them Supplementary Needs

You need to show how you give value to your customers by giving them accommodation with an extra kick. According to many business-related books, a bowl of freshly baked pastries or M&Ms can comfort a cranky customer. Aside from consumables, your customers may even find it pleasing to have access on your Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, and writing materials while they wait. There are even reception areas that feature television and music. However, it is very important that you identify what your target demographics’ interests are. You cannot just immediately put items in your reception area without understanding them first.


Colours represent the energy of your reception area. Consider using warm and inviting hues that will reflect your brand image. The tendency when you use lots of colours is that the area will become overwhelming and dull. Establish a sense of balance in the room and try to accent areas including cushions, trim, and decorative pieces.

Organizing your Furniture

Choose furniture that is stylish, highly functional, and convenient. Make sure to you arrange seating near outlets so that your clients can easily plug their mobile devices and or as needed. Choose artworks that are stunning as well as that will complement the overall décor of the area.

Vision and Mission of the Company

Providing your customers awareness with the Company’s Vision and Mission can establish trust and accountability. This will exhibit that you value your customers as well as your business. Make your Vision and Mission statement standout by:

  • Using scrapbooks to illustrate the value of the vision and mission
  • Society involvement and volunteer efforts
  • Magazines and news articles featuring your business involving in promotions, ground-breaking ceremonies, presentations, and more

The good thing about using public relations book is that this will be a good opportunity to view the organization as a whole, and its philanthropic endeavours.

Well, there you have it – four sure-fire ways to spruce up your reception and waiting area and establish first impressions that are memorable. Remember to provide them with Extras, Accent the Colours of your area, Organize stylish Furniture, and build great reputation through Vision and Mission.

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