Taking Your Customer and Employees to Trade Shows

Taking both your customer and employees to trade shows can be expensive due to registrations and travel expenses. Given the fact that it’s expensive, the benefits associated with will surely help in the development of your business.

Both customer and employees have different beneficial elements. So, to better understand this, I will elaborate them one at a time.

Customer and Trade Shows

Keeping your customers satisfied is amongst the cost-effective strategies to keep your business happy and growing. If you treat them well, then they will surely come back for more. You can build a great product from your customers through their feedback and suggestions. Aside from that, they are a great source of referral towards your potential customers. By establishing a great relationship with your customers, you get to enjoy of making your business thrive.

Value Your Customers

A recent study from Marketing Metrics suggested that, “the probability of selling to your existing client (satisfied client) is around 60 – 70%, while selling to a potential customer is only around 5 – 20%”. That is an average of 40% in difference! It is a really big number to consider. Show your customers just how much they mean to you when you take them to trade shows, just like when you are having a regular communication with them.

Employees and Trade Shows

Your employees are your best assets at the trade show. They will be your partner when developing new products and strategies for your business.

These are some of the main points that your employees can get from trade shows:

  • Networking Opportunities with Others – Encourage your employees to socialize with other merchants in the event. The purpose of networking is to establish long term mutual support, wherein both Companies can provide a sounding board for future ideas.
  • Competitor’s Data – Trade shows are the perfect place to check up on your competitor’s data without much effort to make. This will give you a better idea about your strengths and weaknesses, and can assist your business to create much better products for your customers.
  • Education – Trade shows provide better learning opportunities for your employees. From marketing strategies and methods, business trends, and comprehensive detail about your industry, all of these points will make your employees efficient and productive.

Final Points: A part of your business success includes your customer and employees. They are considered as your driving force to excel in the industry that you are currently in. Make sure that you take good care of them so that you will be able to reap the benefits of having both satisfied customer and employees.

Remember this: Value your customer as well as your employees.

That is it for now! So, until next time – keep those chins up and wish you all the success in your business.

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